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I can provide reviews/giveaways, sponsored posts, and now accepting side bar advertisement offers. I only accept offers that I feel would benefit my readers. Please be mindful when sending me an offer that this is my time and I consider it valuable. For reviews, product should be sent to me free of charge, including shipping, with a retail value of at least $50 or multiple items adding up to this value unless value is discussed and agreed upon. Product will be kept as payment unless other arrangements are made, which would include a pre-paid envelope to send product back and payment for my time on the review. Reviews take 4-6 weeks to provide a complete honest review, unless discussed and agreed upon beforehand. If a product is being offered for a giveaway, product will be sent directly to my winner. If sent directly to me, company will cover shipping. For just a giveaway when no product is received, these are considered sponsored giveaways and I charge for my time in creating the post and promoting. I do provide sponsored posts. All links are no follow. For further information or services such as events, park/campground, etc. please email me. Click Contact tab for more information.    



If you’d like to collaborate, just let me know! I am always happy to negotiate pricing, within reason.

Honest Review of Product – $75 plus Product (Depends on Product Value, For Giveaway add $50)
 Blog Post Written By Your Company – $100
Blog Post Written by Me + Social Media Promotion – $150 (For Giveaway add $50)
1 Month Sidebar Advertisement – $150

Additional Social Posts Pricing:

  • Tweet: $25 (or 5 tweets for $100)
  • Google Plus post: $15
  • YouTube Video: $100

⊗ Payment due in advance of post going live ⊗


Want to Be Featured in a Gift Guide?

To be included in a guide, please contact me for the full requirements on how to be featured. You must request the guide that you’d like to be included in or we will choose the guide that we feel is the best fit. You must send the product to the blogger. Multiple items are required to be featured in separate categories or separate guides, but must meet the minimum value. 

Items sent to be featured in a guide will include: a listing in the guide on the blog, photos, and social media promotion by the blogger. If you have a specific request, please let us know. The feature will have a short description, manufacturer photo, link to purchase, link to our review if applicable, and 2 social media links, which are typically Twitter and Pinterest.

Recipes, Apps, E-books, Related Article Features: There will be a $25 fee for any additional features. 

Reviews for items in the guide will cost an additional $25, which will include all of the above, as well as a full-page review.  



**There may or may not be a fee associated with our services. Rates depend on value of product compensation, the extent of the work, the length of the partnership, etc.**

⊗For questions, reviews, requests or anything else please email to⊗

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