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Being a pet parent, I love trying new dog products and especially those that provide convenience to my life! Today I am reviewing the TNY Pet Leash. Now, I have three dogs so I can never have enough leashes first of all, I keep them in the house, the car, our RV just anywhere I might be with a dog! Let’s see how this one rates shall we.

  • 16 ft Retractable belt
  • Comes with a waste bag holder (which matches the leash) that attaches to the leash
  • Includes waste bags and an extra roll of bags
  • Includes a paw print dog tag
  • Comes in sizes: I received S- for dogs up to 44lbs (I have miniature schnauzers & a chihuahua)

Overall thoughts: I like that the leash has a belt like feel instead of the thin string on most dog leashes and I really like the convenience of the waste bag holder that attaches to the leash. That saves me from having to find somewhere to stick them or to carry them while walking. It also keeps me from forgetting them! You don’t know how many times I have went off for a walk with the boys without them! The leash appears to be pretty sturdy as well.

It’s a pretty awesome dog product so it has made it to my Mother’s Day Gift Guide this year as a great gift for all those Dog Mama’s out there, so go check it out here!

Purchase here:

I received this product at a discount in exchange for a honest review.

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