INNX Dog Car Restraint Safety Seat Belt Tether

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I am all about dogs and safety when it comes to our fur kids traveling. My dogs (or my boys as I call them) love to hit the road, you ask them if they are ready to go bye-bye and their off! If you check my SUV right now you will find a dog car seat, a portable kennel and harness type seat belts. I absolutely cringe when I pass a car and there is a dog hanging out the window or even worse, passing a truck with a dog in the back running around! Now, enough of my rambling and let’s talk about the safety seat belt tethers I am reviewing.

The dog car restraint safety belt tethers I am reviewing are made by INNX. They are made of high quality nylon material that resists tears and fraying. The restraint allows your pet to sit, lie down or stand freely using a seat belt tab compatible with most seat belt receptacles. The length is 17.5 to 32 inches and adjustable with swivel snap clips which prevents twisting. Never attach directly to a collar as it can cause choking or neck injury. The tether keeps your pet safely restrained and  secure while traveling in an automobile.  I personally think the restraints should be mandatory in all states! The package came with two restraints and look and feel like great quality products. They will definitely be put to use! I have a car full of boys!


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I received the product above at a discount in exchange for a honest review.

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