DIY Dog Easter Baskets

LOD17diyHolidays are always fun and joyous times and I love finding ways to include my four-legged kids just the same as people do human kids! Human kids get Easter baskets so why not the fur kids?! It is so easy and it does not have to cost a lot of money!

Grab a Basket

You can pick up a basket or two at several places for practically nothing. They have them at the Dollar Tree and Dollar Store for $1!  I purchased mine at Wal-Mart for $3 only because I didn’t want to drive to the other side of town! This year I chose the woven look instead of the plastic. They had plastic ones last year (those are still $1 this year as well).

LOD17diy (1)

A New Toy

Just as a human kids Easter basket would include a new toy the same goes for the fur kids. You can get an Easter dog toy or get something your dog adores. Mine love balls so of course new balls made the basket. As I said I did most of  my shopping at Wal-Mart  and I was pleasantly surprised at the dog section. They had numerous toys ranging in price from $1-15 and some are  great value & quality! I got the little furry toys (in the pic ones green/the other ones is blue) with no filling (I like no filler toys) for $1 and Easter bunny sock monkeys that are too cute! The only item I splurged for was Elk Antlers, my boys are obsessed with them and they are good pups so they deserve it!


4239LOD17diy1 (1)

Treats, Treats and More Treats

You can’t have an Easter basket without treats right? Milk Bones (the hard bones) are the treat of choice in my house but since they get those everyday (we go through 3 boxes a week) I chose wet food for their baskets. They eat dry so they think that wet food is the best stuff on the planet so I threw in some Rachael Ray and some soft & chewy Milk Bone treats.

LOD17diy (2)

Get Creative!

You may have noticed in my pictures that my dogs baskets contain tissue paper and not grass. They love tissue paper! My older Schnauzer, who is blind, gets so excited when he discovers it! I could give him the tissue alone and he would be a happy dog! Also I picked  up a new spring bandanna for the boys that came from Hobby Lobby for a $1 a piece! The little chalk board name tags are in the Easter isle at Wal-Mart. You can add anything you want to your pet’s Easter basket. If they need a new water bowl, collar or such now is the perfect time to give it to them!


More Fun…..

I also purchased Easter eggs, the bigger ones like for candy, so I can have an Easter egg hunt for the dogs! Simply put a treat in each egg and hide! Make sure you get the ones with little holes in the top, if it doesn’t have any poke a hole to allow the scent to escape. This is so much fun for you & the dog! If your dog is a strong chewer, it’s probably best to skip the plastic eggs and just hide the treats around your house.

Are you making your dog an Easter basket or throwing them an Easter Egg hunt? Let’s see those pictures! 

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