Safely Clean Your Pet’s Ears with Arava Pet Ear Wipes


Flea & Ticks Botanical Dog Collar + Arava-Dead Sea Pet Spa / #ProductReview

If you have ever had a dog then you know that if the pets ears are not properly taken care of this can result in serious pain and infection. Keeping your pets ears clean is a fundamental part of your best buddies health. There are a couple of different ways to go about cleaning your pets ear, liquid cleaners, cream and wipes. Just on a  little side note before I start; you should never use q-tips in your pets ears. You can damage the eardrum.


If you are at all familiar with me then you already know I have a multi-dog household and love, love, love pet product reviews! Today I am reviewing Pet Ear Wipes by Arava Dead Sea Pet Spa and have to say I am becoming a fan of the company. They are a natural, organic type pet supply company. I have used a natural flea & tick collar by them with great success and will go ahead and tell you I think the wipes are fantastic as I will explain.

Using wipes is a totally safe way to protect your pets ears and my preferred method. They are a gentle and efficient way to remove dirt, wax or discharge. I have two Miniature Schnauzer dogs and our newest addition is a little rescue Chihuahua and let me just say I have had ear problems! My oldest Schnauzer, Quervo has terrible allergies, environmental and food. I clean his ears twice a week because he is so  quick to get yeast and infection at the drop of a hat. Then we have the Chihuahua puppy, Diesel, he came from rescue so they were limited on info on him but it seems as though he had yeasty ears as well so I clean his as much as he will let me, he’s my difficult child! So as you can see, this is something I have a little bit if experience with and I know what type of product I like at this point and what works.

My little rescue Diesel checking the wipes out!
The wipes are easy to use and very efficient. Quervo volunteered to help Mama!


My Thoughts

The Arava Pet Ear Wipes come in an easy to use container which holds 100 wipes that seal back tight to keep the wipes fresh.They are a natural hypoallergenic formula that will help reduce any itchiness, odor, dryness or discomfort caused by bites or allergies. Made up of natural ingredients including, Chamomile, Aloe Vera, Mallow Liquorice, Burdock and Dead Sea Salt to name a few and have a very light scent. You simply wipe out your pets ear until clean. Do not force into their ear canal and use a new clean wipe for each ear. This is definitely a product I will use and continue with!

Flea & Ticks Botanical Dog Collar + Arava-Dead Sea Pet Spa / #ProductReview


Arava Pet Ear Wipes

My old boy Quervo discovered another use for the container, when the wipes are gone it can be a DIY dog toy! Smart Dog!

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I received this product at a discounted price for my honest review from Arava.

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