15 of the Best Non-Candy Easter Egg Fillers & Egg Hunt Ideas

-(12)I have to admit that I have a sweet tooth and I am a huge fan of chocolate (of most candy in general) so Easter candy is a must in my house however I personally like the idea of non-candy Easter egg fillers too!  There are 100+ non-candy items that you could fill Easter eggs with for every age, from toddler to tween. You can find the 15 best picks for non-candy fillers below!

These are all budget friendly ideas! All items can be purchased at the Dollar Store type business near you!


Coins / Dollar Bill

Erasers (Ice cream, etc. / shapes)

Hair Bows  (Clips or Ribbons)

Toy Cars (Hot Wheels)


Small Figurines (Disney, etc.)

Band-Aids (Character)


Fish Crackers / Pretzels




Bouncy Ball

Temporary Tattoos (DC Comics, Zoo Animals, etc.)


Hope this gives you a few ideas!


Are you in need of an idea to spruce up your Easter egg hunt? I might can help with that too!

Below I have listed a couple of ideas that are a little different from the norm!

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Instead of giving the kids their basket, give them an egg with a cute clue/note inside that you have made and have them hunt and follow the eggs/clues as to where to find their Easter basket!

Buy one or two puzzles. Take all the pieces and place separately into the eggs. Have the kids hunt the eggs then they can sort through the pieces and put the puzzle or puzzles together.

Buy the alphabet/ letter magnets (like that go on the fridge) or write letters on separate pieces of paper and place separately in the eggs then have the children put the letters together to form the alphabet after their egg hunt. (Can also use numbers!)

For small children, use animal figurines. Have them separate them into what group they go. Example: Farm, Jungle or Pet

Happy Hunting!

Check back with me for more Easter Gifts & Decor Ideas post!

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