Colour Therapy + An Anti-Stress Adult Colouring Book For Peace And Relaxation


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Whether you are looking for a way to manage stress or just wanting to pick up a nice relaxing hobby, adult coloring books are fantastic! Before receiving the Colour Therapy, I was already a fan of these type of books. For Christmas last year I actually received a huge color pencil set which is awesome (I’m a bit of a craft/Hobby Lobby-ish nerd)!

The Colour Therapy Colouring  Book advertises as an anti-stress book for adults. Coloring is  a calm and relaxing way to unwind, whether your coping with work related stress or just wanting a peaceful end to the day. It provides stress-relieving benefits that come from increased focus and creativity.

336lod.jpgMy Thoughts!

I thought the book was great! It has nice thick like pages, which make it so much easier to color than the thin ones that will tear and rip a hole in the page if you’re using a sharp color pencil. I’m not sure if they are thick enough for markers though as I do use them. The designs are beautiful and I personally find it very relaxing and enjoyable. There are some designs that are very elaborate and have intricate details, while others are more simple. I think the book would really work for all ages, adults and children and there is a pretty good assortment of full-page images to keep you busy for hours!



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