Flea & Ticks Botanical Dog Collar + Arava-Dead Sea Pet Spa / #ProductReview


LOD Flea & Tick Collar 004Flea & Ticks Botanical Dog Collar + Arava-Dead Sea Pet Spa / #ProductReview

Pests like fleas & ticks can be very harmful to your pet. They carry diseases and will irritate your dog’s skin. Preventing these pests from attacking your dog is crucial, but sometimes the preventative measures are just as harmful. Many traditional flea collars and topical treatments are filled with chemicals. We don’t know what the long-term effects of pill form flea preventative will have on our pets. Arava’s Flea & Tick Botanical Dog Collar is an excellent alternative, a safe option for dogs. I have a multi-dog household with a senior dog that is terribly sensitive to products so I prefer to use more natural products. At first I was skeptical about products that claim to be natural until I actually started using them. You think to yourself, is this to good to be true? I have had positive results though!

I live in Tennessee, which is notorious for both flea and ticks. I have used several traditional preventative products over the years but did not realize what harm I was causing till one of my dogs had a very bad allergic reaction to a preventative. His eyes swelled shut and his throat was closing up on him, luckily we live ten minutes from the vet. That was ten years ago, since then I have been very careful about what products come in contact with my boys. Our property is mostly surrounded by woods so as you can imagine I have to use some sort of protection and it has to be pretty good. So I was happy to try the Arava, Flea & Tick Collar.

Ingredients Listed:
Geranium Oil
Clove Oil
Citronella Oil
Peppermint Oil
Cedarwood Oil

These are just a few of the natural oils listed!

Flea & Ticks Botanical Dog Collar + Arava-Dead Sea Pet Spa / #ProductReview


Eco friendly
Free of hazardous chemicals & pesticides
Safe for children
Safe for all dogs and puppies
Water durability
Botanical oils light scent
Last up to 5 months
Adjustable up to 62cm
Repels up to 500 different insects


Flea & Ticks Botanical Dog Collar + Arava-Dead Sea Pet Spa / #ProductReview

LOD Flea & Tick Collar 007My Thoughts
I haven’t had a long period for review, which would tell better the durability and staying power but right out of the package and a few days out, I am pleased with ingredients, smell, size, it is adjustable, you just cut off what you don’t need and snap it together. The smell was not strong to me but I am very familiar with oils and may just be use to it! The ingredients are proven insect repellents as I have used them before. Now, the only issue I have is the amount of oil that is on the collar when you remove it from the package, with so much oil still on the collar, I didn’t want that against my dog’s skin being soaked up. You can not apply oils directly to the skin, they have to be diluted. So, I feel a little uneasy about it. In the past, I have used essential oils for fleas & ticks and put a few drops on their regular collar and that seemed to do a good job. I took a cloth and wiped off the collar, just so I would feel better, before I let Sig try it out. I understand though, that the collar is soaked in the natural oils so this probably can’t be avoided. That being said, I think the collar is a great option compared to using toxins and chemicals found in other preventative options. I would purchase this collar for my boys. Also, on one last note, I would like to enforce that this is a repellent, not a chemical, it does not kill the insects.

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