L’Oreal Pure-Clay Masks

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I am normally not a fan of beauty masks. No particular reason other than I’m pretty lazy about my beauty and skin routine period! I do good to wash my makeup off before bed at night even though I know I should. I’m not exactly twenty any more, so I should be taking much better care of my skin. Yes, I know all this, but I’m lazy!  I have to say though, after trying the L’Oreal Pure-Clay Masks, I’m a fan.

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First of all, it doesn’t take but a few minutes really to use one of the masks. I left the mask on about 5 minutes. I guess I thought it would take a lot more time, others I used way back would have to stay on at least 15 minutes or so, which was one of the reasons I never really used them. It only adds a few more minutes to my daily routine with pleasing results! There are three different masks, Purify & Mattify (Eucalyptus), Exfoliate & Refine (Red Algae), and Detox & Brighten (Charcoal).

You can multi-task your beauty routine with the new masks by wearing more than one at a time to address specific needs, often different needs to each area, chin, cheeks and t-zone.

  • Eucalyptus known for possessing purifying and soothing actions beneficial for women with oily skin
  • Charcoal acts like a magnet on the skin to draw out impurities
  • Red Algae nutritious in sugars that help to strengthen the skin. Extraordinarily fine natural volcanic particles act as a naturally effective exfoliant to gently remove dead skin cells

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My favorite mask is the dark-charcoal one, Detox & Brighten. The smell is amazing but they all smell delightful. Like I said, I left it on only about 5 minutes and I could absolutely tell that my face seemed brighter and just more fresh looking in general. It also made my skin feel soft. I’m also loving the Exfoliate & Refine. My face has not been exfoliated in a long time and I can’t get over the results, these masks honestly work just as they claim too!

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I’m so glad I had the opportunity to try the complete set of L’Oreal Clay Masks! They have changed my beauty routine. I will definitely continue to use.



Thanks to BzzAgent for the product in exchange for my honest review!

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2 thoughts on “L’Oreal Pure-Clay Masks

  1. Jackie says:

    All three of these masks sound nice. I like that you only have to leave them on for about five minutes. Thank you for the review.


    1. Diane says:

      Yes, only having to leave them on a few minutes and seeing an actual difference makes them a keeper for me! Thank you for visiting!!


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