Planet Wise Products + Best Dog Poop Bags / #ProductReview


I have a multi-dog household. I guess I would consider myself an expert on the topic of dog poop bags! I have three, so as you can imagine I use a lot of baggies. Over the years I have used many, many brands. I have favorites and some I would not use again but I’m always looking to try something new.
I recently tried Planet Wise Products – Dog Poop Bags. Environmentally friendly, thick, strong, leak proof, allergy-free, all natural, dog waste bags.
Eco-friendly + all natural
Made up of + 95% HDPE (High Density Polyethylene – 5% Cornstarch
                              Easily recycled but not compostable
Size + fits over entire hand and wrist
Unscented + safe around sensitive dogs
Comes with free dispenser that conveniently clips to your dogs leash

Very good value pack + 630 count in individual small rolls




Not as thick as claimed + seem rather thin
There are definitely more pros to this product than cons. I love that they are natural! They are a good size and seem sturdy. They are by no means as thick as advertised. I think they are pretty thin, but as I said, do seem sturdy. Besides being natural, one of the best points is that it is a terrific value pack, awesome for those of us trying to budget!

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