Dotted Paws Bow Tie Dog Collar + #DottedPaws / #ProductReview


I was excited to get to review the Dotted Paws Bow Tie Dog Collar! It is cute as can be. I’m always on the look out for cute collars, I mean it is the main way our dogs get to accessorize themselves! So my boys have a few to say the least.

When I am searching for a new collar, it has to not only be cute but it also has to be functional. It has to fit them comfortably, be strong and sturdy. I was really impressed with the Dotted Paw collar when I received it. It is absolutely adorable. I got the blue polka dot one, it also comes in pink, with a little bow tie on it. It appears to be very comfy. It is Neoprene padded so it has a very thick feel and a really soft texture. It’s made with strong nylon so I’m sure it will be durable.


As you will see in the pics, two of my boys wanted to try the collar out. They get quite jealous, so when one tried it the other wanted to as well! Let me tell you that both boys look very handsome in the collar! (I may be bias though!) I love the bow tie! I got a medium. They have a sizing chart when you order. I should have probably ordered the small. I have it pulled all the way. They seem to run big, but from past experience I was hesitant about ordering the small. The collar has a fast release buckle, which I like.



The Verdict:

I really like the collar. I think it’s durable, comfy and cute. The bow tie makes it stand out and gives it something a little bit different.



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