DISASTER FALLS + A Family Story By Stephane Gerson #BOOKREVIEW

Hello there! Hope this finds everyone well today! Today’s book review is Disaster Falls – A Family Story by Stephane Gerson. The author is a cultural historian and a professor of French studies at New York University. He has won several awards and lives in Manhattan & Woodstock, New York with his family. Visit his website at DisasterFalls.com.

On a day like any other, on a rafting trip down Utah’s Green River, Stephane Gerson’s eight year old son, Owen, drowned in a spot known as Disaster Falls. As the darkness fell, Stephane huddled in a tent with his wife, Alison, and their older son, Julian, trying to understand what happened. Disaster Falls chronicles the aftermath of that day and the toll it took on them and their marriage.


“You wake up one morning without knowing that a disaster will take place that day. You do everything right, you plan ahead, chart the course, ask the necessary questions, examine the situation from all sides. You do what parents are expected to do, and yet things still break down, they come undone, they slip away, an eight-year-old slips away and dies. There is no destiny at play.”

My Thoughts
I have nothing but praise for this book. This is a gorgeously written book about a family tragedy that even though at times was kindly hard on my heart to read, I was pinned to the spot! I mean really, it was hard to put the book down. You feel the grief and depth of emotions he writes about, his, his son’s, his wife’s and even the media, how they see a child’s death. Reading about him going over the day of the accident, their stay that night & trip back from the Falls is haunting. This book is powerful, completely honest in the telling of the aftermath & toll on his marriage and beautifully written! I would definitely recommend it to everyone.


I received this from Blogging For Books for review.

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