Hello there! Today I’m starting my Go Camping Series! I love, love, love to travel. My family and I travel around the states in our RV. Some campgrounds we stay at are luxurious with all the amenities, full hook ups, pools, laundry facilities, game rooms, dining rooms, stores(groceries), etc. Then others are bare minimal, no hook ups (meaning no water, electric,cable,etc.) when we stay in some of the national parks, there is no generators even aloud so your back to the basics in camping. I love it all! I decided to share some tips and such from our past & future adventures! I’m already planning our first trip of the year!


Beauty products and camping usually do not go hand & hand! I mean packing your entire makeup routine is a bit extreme and takes up space but there are definitely some products that should come along with you! This applies to tent and RV camping.

Dry Shampoo
A must! Not every campsite will have water hook ups or a shower station so this will keep your hair smelling & looking fresh! Besides wet hair at a campsite is usually a chore anyway.
Tinted Moisturizer w/SPF

This is the perfect solution to balance out your beauty routine. It provides just enough color to keep your skin looking glowy and provides protection against the sun or colder, dry weather!

Waterproof Mascara
If your anything like me, you feel naked if you forgot your mascara! Some days, besides gloss that’s all I wear. Waterproof is perfect for camping, since you never know what mother nature might bring. This is a perfectly practical & functional makeup product to bring to keep you looking wide eyed and fresh!

Facial Cleansing Wipes

These work perfect when you don’t have your normal nightly beauty routine with you to quickly clear your face from the day’s activities and such leaving you feeling refreshed!

These are staples that I wouldn’t be without!

What’s in your bag?

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