Another Look At EAT BEAUTIFUL by Wendy Rowe

Hey everyone! Hope this finds you happy and well! I wanted to give you guys a update, I guess you would say. I recently shared a post, a New Year’s Resolutions review featuring, Eat Beautiful by Wendy Rowe, a cookbook/lifestyle book, which in my review I totally endorse! I have continued to use my guide as it has great recipes and is a very useful resource. One of my New Year’s Resolution “Tweaks” (I call it) is to live a little more healthy & hopefully lose a little weight to boot, so this book is perfect to help with my plan and not to mention the fact that I’m always on the look out for new beauty treatments!
I am loving the fact that the recipes are broke up by season. Excited that I’m getting not only a light & nutritious meal but that it is also contributing to keeping my skin/face looking good & glowing!


The main reason for my post today is that in my first review of the book it was pretty positive, the only thing I said that could use improvement was the photos, now why I said this I’m not sure! As I have been using my guide I started to really notice the pictures and for the life of me I don’t know what I thought needed anything. The photos are nice, actually, very nice! 
The Radish Salad is a favorite of mine!
The Black Sesame Stir-fry Chicken is a close second! 
Any how, I guess our opinions change from time to time! I am loving Eat Beautiful more and more, so I wanted to clear things up about the photos. In my original post I simply used the stock photo (since it was a book) but wish I had posted pics, so I’ll do that now!
Lots of DIY Beauty Treatments

Also loving the DIY beauty treatment section!

There is so much packed in this book, I mean it’s literally a woman’s go-to-guide for beauty & health.

  Just a few more sections I may not have mentioned:
Healing herbs and spices
Supplements & superfoods
Guide to nutrients section
Beauty store cupboard
Beauty betrayers & saviors
Good digestion
Keep moving……



I will definitely be sharing my meal pics and how they turn out and hopefully will be feeling more beautiful than ever!


So as the my post title says “so far” I’m still on the on the right path! 

You should go pick up a copy of this book, really! 

I originally received this from Blogging for Books for review. The original review link is posted above. I did not receive anything for this post, just love the product!


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