Hello 2017: Better Late Than Never + GOALS!

I can’t say that it will be a “2017 new me” that you will see, mainly because I’m just too lazy to change that much of my personality. I will be however looking to tweak a few things! Here’s the plan:


This is not a biggie but of course I’m not alone I’m sure, in my thought that “I could lose 10 lbs” and over the past few years I think about it more and more but I do nothing about it. I eat far to much junk food & takeout instead of planning and cooking a good healthy meal for my husband & I. I know I can’t do that every night but I’m really going to put forth more effort for both our sakes! Less takeout, less junk, I think even my dogs could stand to lose a couple pounds!

Learn to cook:

This goes along with the weight somewhat. Besides wanting to eat healthier and live a more clean lifestyle I have always wanted to cook and I’m terrible, just ask my poor husband! I watch cooking shows and dream. So to help accomplish this a good friend & I are going to check out a local cooking class, I’ll let ya know how that goes!

Drink more water:

Now this one for sure is one of my downfalls. I do not drink nearly enough. My husband and I are caffeine addicts and I’m pretty sure this little bad habit contributes to the extra pounds! To make the issue worse, I suffer with migraines and I can tell that I feel better & do not get as sick if I have been hydrated. I read an article that said should take a water bottle and mark the times of day on it with a marker so to help you know how much your supposed to have drank at that point. I love this idea!

Saving money:

My husband & I work for everything we have, nothing certainly is handed to us. It may just be me, but I feel like the cost of living goes up daily, maybe hourly! One big money pit is the grocery store. When adding up our grocery bills for one month alone it was ridiculous. I have decided that it can’t hurt to learn to coupon and that maybe I can be as good as the peeps on Extreme Couponing! GOALS!

Blogging more:

This is something for me to work on this year and blog more, especially because I enjoy doing it! I actually started this blog last year but only now have really had the time to put into it. I could probably have more posts done now if I would just get to it!

With all these in mind, I think I know what general direction I’m headed. Come 2018 you probably won’t recognize me as I’ll be thin, rich, and a constantly blogging chef!

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